Head Quarter
Head Quarter
+39 02 907 81 812 Via Friuli, 5 20072 Fizzonasco di P.E. - Milano - Italy
Via Privata Vico Veneto, 32/5 20072 Fizzonasco di P.E. - Milan - Italy
Via Martiri Della Resistenza, 6 20072 Fizzonasco di P.E. - Milano - Italy
ISO 9001:2015
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Who we are

Our story

SaldFlux srl was founded in 1985 by Vittorio Turaan engineer chasing the dream of a lifetime, dedicated to brazing; this dream is now carried on with passion, professionalism and determination by his sons Alberto and Andrea.

The SaldFlux srl is a leader in the production of consumable materials for brazing, braze welding and autogenous welding. We are a modern company, fully market and customer-oriented, and our success is based on constantly striving for product quality,innovation as a whole, and with a particular focus on environmental protection.


Our Products

SaldFlux Srl Brazing Alloys & Fluxes
produces and markets a complete range of:

  • Cadmium-free silver brazing alloys (TERNALLOY T , TERNALLOY S, TERNALLOY SPECIAL);
  • copper-phosphorus alloys (with or without silver – FOS & SILVERFOS);
  • brass and bronze alloys (WELD & FLUXWELD);
  • aluminium and zinc aluminium alloys (ALUSALD);
  • Lead-free soft soldering alloys (TINSALD & TINALLOY).

Lead-free soft soldering alloys (TINSALD & TINALLOY). These alloys for low and high-temperature hard brazing are supplied in different forms(wire, bars, strips, preforms) and in different diameters.

Saldflux srl is the undisputed leader in the coating of brazing alloys with unique flux pastes according to the different applications and/or customer needs (FLUXALLOY® flexible coating, FLUIDALLOY® rigid coating, and SALDFLOW® eco coating).

Saldflux also specialises in the production of fluxesmade in full compliance with the REACH Regulation (EC) 1207/2006.

Our finished products undergo strict quality assessment and are examined in our laboratory using the most advanced analysis equipment. The product is taken care of and monitored by us from melting to packaging.

Why choose us?

Production is carried out entirely within our 3 sites south of Milan, which allows us the requisite independence and flexibility to satisfy the needs of our customers.

Saldflux in numbers

Our goal is to satisfy customer needs:
flexibility of the production process, continuous improvement, resource planning and staff training.

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The Quality Management System, certified ISO 9001:2015, guarantees the traceability of the product along the entire production chain and the careful management of the entire production process, in compliance with the reference technical standards.

11Certificato ISO 900


Head Quarter and offices

Via Friuli 5
20090 Fizzonasco di P.E.
Milan – Italy


Via Vico Veneto 32/5
20090 Fizzonasco di P.E.
Milan – Italy


Via Martiri Della Resistenza 6
20090 Fizzonasco di P.E.
Milan – Italy

Commercial – Czech Republic

Podkozí 254
26601 – Beroun 1
Czech Republic